SprintRay Pro55 S 3D Printer Package

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Sprintray Pro 55s 3D Printer package
Sprintray Pro 55s 3D Printer, New Prowash S and Procure 2
SprintRay 3D printers have consistently delivered unmatched efficiency, complete control, and novel pathways for dental practices. Always at the forefront of digital dentistry, their 3D printing ecosystems have defined and shaped the field for the last five years. They have supported dentistry’s ongoing transition into the digital age by amplifying preceding technologies, simplifying and streamlining dental workflows along the way.
To keep up with the dental community’s ever-evolving needs, SprintRay have launched the newest member of their 3D printing ecosystem – the SprintRay Pro S.The SprintRay Pro S does everything its predecessors did, but faster and better. The world’s most intelligent 3D printer, SprintRay Pro S is the culmination of years of experience answering dentistry’s most immediate needs.
Engineered to improve productivity, Pro S runs on minimal supervision, with the entire process being fully delegable to staff. Its printing speed is unmatched, allowing you to print most dental appliances in under 30 minutes. With SprintRay Pro S in your corner, chairside dentistry will become the new normal at your practice for an ever-expanding array of applications.
The SprintRay Pro S delivers simplicity without compromising sophistication. It is designed with the changing needs of dentistry in mind, with new features that enhance and simplify the dental workflow. Intelligent sensors, onboard printing assistance, and automatic consumables tracking make operating the Pro S a breeze.
New features on the SprintRay Pro S include:
Onboard Intelligence
The Pro S is engineered to measure its environment, keep track of its activity, and communicate its needs. On-screen prompts explain every step of the printing process, making it incredibly easy to operate by anyone, including your staff.
Consumables Manager
New materials and tank management system on the Pro S. The SprintRay Pro S has advanced RFID technology embedded in its resin tank. This allows the Pro S to track its lifetime, and on-screen instructions will notify you when you have to reorder consumables to face zero downtime.
Undeniable Throughput
The fastest dental 3D printer on the market, the Pro S enables chairside dentistry by allowing you to print most dental appliances in under 30 minutes. Chairside dentistry is now more accessible than ever, regardless of whether you’re an advanced user or a clinic just dipping their toes into the world of dental 3D printing.
Dual Heating
Automatic temperature control to the SprintRay Pro S. This brings about better print adhesion, improved final products, and reduced risk of overheating damage.
10% Accuracy Improvement
The SprintRay Pro S beats its predecessors in its accuracy. It is equipped with a new glass projector lens, bringing incredible accuracy and improved repeatability. Your appliances will fit like a charm.
Just Plug and Play
The SprintRay Pro S brings home dental 3D printing as you’ve never seen before. With its smart features and improved ease of use, the SprintRay Pro makes the entire printing experience seamless and hands-off.
The printing process is easy to manage, track and teach. The intelligent RFID technology ensures that you are always on top of consumables, while the printer itself guides you through the entire printing process. All you need to do is press a few buttons, and the Pro S will take care of the rest for you.
The smart features on the Pro S are designed with the needs of dental clinicians in mind. A self-sufficient workhorse, operating is little more than plug and play.  When used in conjunction with the rest of the SprintRay line-up, the Pro S will add unmatched synergy to your workflow and make chairside dentistry easily accessible.
The Pro S will revolutionise how you practice while supporting you through it. Be an early adopter – embrace the future of dentistry with the SprintRay Pro S.
End-to-End Workflow
SprintRay Pro S is part of the full 3D printing ecosystem, which also includes cloud-based design and printing software, the Pro Wash/Dry automated cleaning system, and the world’s most advanced post-curing with ProCure 2.
Workspace Requirements SprintRay
What’s In The Box
– Pro S 3D Printer
– Smart Resin Tank
– Heated Build Platform
– Finishing Tools
– Quick Start Guide
– Warranty Card
– Power Cable
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