Making a Retention Splint

Most orthodontic patients will require long-term retention following completion of their treatment. The first in our series of Tech Tune-ups will show you how to use SCHEU DENTAL products to fabricate a retention splint, and demonstrates the following additional techniques:

Blocking out undercuts using SIL-KITT

Using an ISOFOLAN® spacer layer

Finishing with a series of recommended cutters

Our recommended foils/blanks for making a retention splint:

Step 1 – Preparation of Model

Survey the model and block out the undercuts using SIL-KITT (clear or red).

Your method of preparation will depend on the material you have selected to make the appliance.

Step 2 – Pressurising

If you have trimmed the model flat and shallow, use the model platform. If the model is not flat, embed deep in the pellets.

Heat the foil by setting the code and recommended heating times. Close the pressure chamber and open after the cooling phase has finished. Take care not to interrupt the important cooling phase.

Step 3 – finishing

Remove the excess foil with a tricutter or scissors so it’s easier to handle, and ease the appliance from the model. Start shaping with your preferred burs such as the Cutting Bur or HM Carbide Cutter.

Smooth the edges using the DIMO® wheels.


All the products and accessories used in this guide are available to order online.

Recommended products


Break and abrasion-resistant compound material. Hard on one side and soft on the other. The hard side bonds to acrylic. Pre-dried and vacuum-sealed for instant use. DURASOFT® PD is available in our online shop.


Pressure moulding material made of thermoplastic polyurethane for use with DURASOFT® pd. Forms a robust inner layer of hard/soft splints providing good resistance against discolouration. DURASOFT® seal is available in our online shop.


Hard-elastic transparent material which bonds to acrylic. No pre-drying required. Ideal for occlusal splints and retainers. DURAN® is available in our online shop.


Hard-elastic transparent material which bonds to acrylic. No pre-drying required. With integrated insulation foil. Perfect for occlusal splints and retainers. DURAN®+ is available in our online shop.


A new formulation which is extremely resistant to breaks and abrasions. Heat resistant up to 109 degrees. Pre-dried and vacuum-packed for instant use. Perfect for retention splints and other applications. IMPRELON®S pd is available in our online shop.


Ensures optimum insulation for plaster against acrylic. Best suited as a spacer foil when pressurising hard-elastic material for splints. ISOFOLAN® is available in our online shop.


Transparent silicone, used for blocking out undercuts in pressure moulding splints. Also available in red. Currently available to order via email and phone.


Robust and durable scissors for cutting splints or inserting cuts into splints after pressurising. Available in large or small in our online shop.


Fine, triangular bur for interdental finishing. Available in our online shop


Stable and flexible trimming wheel with extended working time. 3 types of grains with mandrels. DIMO WHEELS available in our online shop.


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