Eurodontic are the official agents for Scheu-Dental in the UK.

We offer free CPD training and support to our customers, as well as offering a machine repair and loan service.

Trade In on your old vacuum & pressure thermoforming unit and receive £500 of Scheu-Dental materials or finishing tools, when we take your old unit away.

For machine purchases, we ask for a 70% deposit via BACS. We will contact you to arrange this once you place the order.

The compact pressure moulding unit MINISTAR S® is equipped with advanced scanning technology. The scanner reads the coded material, allowing programming of all important parameters such as heating time, temperature and cooling time.

In other words, ultra precise pressure moulding results are achieved in record time, thanks to the rapid, patented heater and working pressure of 4.0 bar, adjustable via pressure regulator. The new generation machines are equipped with user-friendly membrane keypad and large display. All operating parameters are monitored and indicated on the display.

Technical data

    • Power: 230/115/100 V, 750 W
    • Working pressure: 0.5 – 4.0 bar
    • Dimensions (W × H × D): 500 × 210 × 400 mm
    • Weight: 9 kgs
    • 3 years warranty, 10 years availability of spare parts
    • Oil free compressor is recommended with an output greater than 4 bars of pressure.  The Ministar S® comes with airline and Euro male connection, you will need a Euro quick release coupling 1/4inch for your compressor.When you purchase a Bambi Compressor with Ministar S® from Eurodontic save 5% and receive free installation.


A manufacturer of medical devices must register with the MHRA  (Medicines and Health Regulatory Agency) and must understand and comply with (MDR) Medical Device Regulations. ​

The regulations stipulate that appliances must be manufactured with acceptable materials and must be signed off by a GDC-registered person. ​

A manufacturing organisation requires a responsible person who is two years post-qualification and is competent in the area of appliance manufacture.




Trouble Shooting Biostar & Ministar

Scheu-Dental Thermoforming Materials

The Practice Guide to Thermoforming

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