SprintRay High Impact Denture Resin


The SprintRay EU High Impact Denture solution provides dental professionals with a complete 3D printing ecosystem for the
fast production of strong and durable digital dentures.
SprintRay EU High Impact Denture Base is a biocompatible resin with “high-impact” properties characterized by requirements
such as low viscosity.
Combined with SprintRay EU Temporary Crown & Teeth, you can produce cost-effective and highly esthetic full dentures
with outstanding durability and impact resistance.

Orange Pink 1 kg SRE-1001311
Light Pink 1 kg SRE-1001312
Deep Pink 1 kg SRE-1001313
Light Pink B 1 kg SRE-1001314
Natural Pink 1 kg SRE-1001315


* Better strength, longevity, and durability vs competitor
* 3D printing and milled materials
* Deliver digital dentures in as few as 2 appointments with
* SprintRay Cloud Design Services
* Easy to polish and characterise


Digital Dentures

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