SprintRay Pro S Arch Kit

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Introducing the all new SprintRay Pro S Arch Kit, which will be available late May 2024.

Arch Kit comes with the proprietary Optical Polish Technology, enabling users to 3d printed appliances with a pre-polished surface, reducing post -processing time significantly.


Streamline Workflow Efficiency

SprintRay Pro55 S or Pro95 S 3D Printer. The Arch Kit is designed to unlock the speed potential of SprintRay Pro S 3D printers.

3D print 2 dental models in as little as 13 minutes, maximize resin usage, and provide more same-day care.

Built for Single-Patient Prints

The Arch Kit build platform features a powerful onboard heater and a hard anodized coating to resist corrosion and oxidation.

Reduce Resin Waste

The 125 ml capacity compact tank uses resin efficiently and heats up rapidly to form a perfect pair with the Arch Kit Build Platform.

3D Print More, Faster

3D print the most common dental appliances up to 2X faster without compromising quality or accuracy

Appliance Print Times

Digital Dentures

Standard Kit 110 mins
Arch Kit 70 mins

Implant Dentures

Standard Kit 35 mins
Arch Kit 20 mins
Night Guard
Standard Kit 45 mins
Arch Kit 22 mins
Dental Model
Standard Kit 25 mins
Arch Kit 12 mins