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Making Scanned Models Printable with RayWare

Thanks to its new CAM features, RayWare can easily import raw scan data directly from your intraoral scanner and turn it into printable models with the click of a button. From there, you can directly print the model or export it as an STL file for further manipulation.

Find scanned data

To start, you’ll need to find out where the raw scanned data from your scanner is stored. Typically, all scanned data is stored in one central location on your computer and is organised newest to oldest within that location.

Ensure that your scanner is outputting scanned data as .STL files. Almost all dental scanners have the capability to output scanned data as an STL.

Import raw scan into RayWare

To import your raw scan into RayWare, begin by opening the software. There are two ways of importing your raw scan data into RayWare.

1. After finding the raw scan STL in finder/file explorer, simply click and drag the file over the RayWare window. Let go of the left mouse button to ‘drop’ the file into RayWare.

2. Press the ‘+’ icon located left-center in the RayWare window. This will open a file explorer box. Simply navigate to the desired STL file, select it, and then double click or select the ‘choose/select’ button.

Fix the model

As soon as your model is imported into RayWare, it will notify you that it has detected raw scan data. This notification will be accompanied by a ‘Fix’ button. To repair your scan, simply press the ‘Fix’ button, and RayWare will do the rest.