Cavitek Digital Ultrasonic Bath 6L, 9L, 10L, 20L, 27L

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Professional 6 Litre Cavitek Digital Controlled Ultrasonic Cleaner, 6L Tank with Heated Bath and extra functions such as degas, delicate and full power cleaning modes -220V


  • 6 Litre Cavitek Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner Tank 220V
  • Removes Dirt, Grease, Corrosion – can be used for cleaning Electronic and Mechanical parts. For best results use appropriate cleaning fluid or solvent suitable for the item, please see our wide range of fluids
  • The Cavitek series offers increased functionality with features such as degas, delicate and full power modes alongside the standard fluid temperature and cleaning cycle timer controls
  • For best results use appropriate cleaning fluid or solvent suitable for the item
  • Tank Size: 300x153x150mm
  • Degas mode – This mode is to be used after a fluid change to rapidly remove air from the fluid so it can provide maximum cleaning effectiveness from the start of the cleaning cycle
  • Delicate mode – The cleaner runs at half power which provides a less aggressive cleaning action for fragile/delicate items
  • Full-power mode – A powerful deep clean that will clean heavily contaminated items
  • Temperature and Timing mode – Allows the user to set both the fluid temperature and duration of the cleaning cycle. These parameters will change depending on the cleaning agent and item being cleaned, please refer to the manual provided with each of our
  • Tank and Housing Made From Stainless Steel
  • Wire Basket Available – see separate listing (Part No. US-BA-6L).
  • Drain tap has a standard ½ BSP pipe thread
  • 12mth Warranty
  • Available  9L, 10L, 20L, 27L

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Product Codes

US-CU-CA-6L     External dimensions L370mm x W180mm x H315mm / L14.57″ x W7.09″ x H12.40″

US-CU-CA-9L      External dimensions L370mm x W270mm x H315mm / L14.57″ x W10.63″ x H12.40″

US-CU-CA-10L    External dimensions L550mm x W165mm x H310mm / L21.65″ x W6.50″ x H12.20″


US-CU-CA-27L  External dimensions L530mm x W330mm x H385mm / L20.87″ x W12.99″ x H15.16″

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