3D Model insulating agent


SCHEU-DENTAL Insulation for 3D models when processing cold-curing resin, such as STEADY-RESIN S. Application with enclosed brush provides optimum insulation, suitable for models generated with 3D printers. 65ml.


3D Model Insulation is best suited for insulation of acrylate-based printed models. Once the insulation applied, it is possible to manufacture orthodontic plates on the models using cold cure resin like STEADY-RESIN S in the salt and pepper technique.
For an optimum insulation effect resin against resin it is sufficient to apply just one or two layers with the enclosed brush. In order to prevent skin contact we recommend wearing gloves.
The drying time of the 3D model insulation is approx. 30 min.
After polymerisation, the orthodontic plate should be cleaned by steam blasting and in an ultrasonic bath in order to remove any insulation residues.
Use CETRON® spray to make the surface shine.
Important notice: Only for extraoral application.



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