Cavitek Ultrasonic 6L, 9L, 10L, 20L, 27L Wire Basket

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  • Wire Mesh Basket -For use with Cavitex Ultrasonic Bath 6L
  • Will help minimise/reduce ultrasonic hot spots during the cleaning process
  • Correct Propagation- By suspending the item away from the base of the ultrasonic bath you will allow for correct propagation during the ultrasonic cleaning cycle
  • Repositioning- The wire mesh basket has convenient handles which overhang the bath lip which allow for safe and easy repositioning of the object being cleaned during the ultrasonic cleaning cycle.
  • Delicate Items- Reduces the cavitation effect to facilitate a milder cleaning action for delicate items
  • Cleaning Basket- Basket Dimensions: L: 270mm x W: 120mm x H: 115mm

Basket US-BA-9L             £ 13.50

Basket US-BA-10L            £ 13.95

Basket US-BA-20L            £ 21.00

Basket US-BA-27L            £ 28.00


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