The Scheu- Dental MINISTAR S®, combined with an extensive selection of coded plates and accessories, offers maximum efficiency in your daily work.

New thermostatic technology means huge advances in the ease and handling of pressure moulding machine operation. Working temperature is reached within one second, so material can be heated immediately after the heater is turned on. With the MINISTAR S®, the pressure moulding process is complete before other machines reach working temperature!

The new MINISTAR S® utilises the same proven principles as previous generations of positive pressure moulding machines. Thermostatic technology guarantees constant temperatures regardless of external influences such as room temperature and line voltage. The result is perfectly heated material and reproducible moulds – every time.

The side of the material which is placed directly over the model is heated. The surface temperature of this side of the material is up to 60º C higher than other methods. This technique, combined with the increased working pressure of 4,0 bar, guarantees flawless adaptation for both thin and thick materials, up to 4 – 5 mm.

The ergonomically formed pellet container provides complete control for precise embedding and covering the models. Excess pellets automatically fall into the channel surrounding the cup and are easily brushed back into the pellet container.

Key data

AC/Voltage: 230 V, 850 VA 115 V, 850 VA 100 V, 850 VA

Pressure: 0.5 – 4.0 bar

Measurements: 420 x 190 x 350 mm

Weight: 9.0 kg


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