SprintRay NanoCure (Coming Soon)

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SprintRay NanoCure

NanoCure is host to a triple-threat of technologies in a compact form factor. Expand your capacity while improving speed to care without losing counter space.

  • Enables Current and Future BioMaterials Innovations
  • Office Space Saver – 50% smaller than ProCure 2
  • Easy to Use Touchscreen with WiFi connectivity and Automatic Updates
  • Dual Wavelength 365nm and 385nm for maximum biocompatibility
  • Up to 4 full arch models, 8 quads models
  • Nitrogen free
  • Powerful instant heater

Cemented Restorations: 5 mins
Hybrid Dentures: 5 mins
Conventional Dentures: 15 mins

Models for Aligners: 2 mins
Models for Retainers: 2 mins                                                                                                                                                                                                IDB Trays: 2 mins

General Dentistry
Night Guards: 4 mins
Surgical Guides: 3 mins
Dental Models: 2 mins