MENZANIUM® coil wire

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SCHEU-DENTAL MENZANIUM® is a nickel-free* stainless steel alloy, fabricated in a patented high pressure melting process replacing allergenic components of nickel by manganese and nitrogen. Compared to conventional stainless steel wires, corrosion resistance and breaking strength are increased. Wire is available in two versions hard (1400-1600 N/mm²) and spring hard (1800-2000 N/mm²).

Our MENZANIUM® coil wires are diamond drawn and high gloss polished. Processing by joining techniques such as laser-welding and welding. Measurements, tolerances and quality in accordance with DIN EN ISO 15841.

  • Laboratory coil: 10-50 m wire length
  • Clincial coil: 58-330 m wire length (coil of 500g)

*Nickel trace elements of 0 – 0.2% are procedurally possible.

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