Bite Fix® One


SCHEU-DENTAL Bite Fix® One bite registration as single-use product, for easy and precise registration of construction bites in the anti-snoring therapy. Non-reusable, not sterilisable.

mm-scale to control the protrusion adjustment
Fixing screw for smooth handling
Decentralised handle for an easy midline control

Hint: For the TAP® devices a protrusion adjustment of 50-60% is recommended.
Apply bite registration material to both sides of the bite fork. Reinsert the Bite Fix® One bite registration into the patient’s mouth and check on a central alignment.
Once the bite registration material has cured, you can remove the bite fork from the patient’s mouth.
Hint: We recommend a fast setting, addition-curing bite registration material on the base of vinylpolysiloxane (silicone). The bite fork should be well covered.

Bite_Fix_One_Instructions for Use

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