Product focus – retainer boxes

These sturdy, hard-wearing plastic retainer boxes will ensure your patients’ appliances are protected from knocks and general wear and tear. Compact enough to be carried in a schoolbag, your patients will find these retainer boxes easy and convenient to use.

Available in a range of bright, vibrant colours, the retainer boxes can be purchased in single colours or assorted packs.

The boxes come in varying sizes and depths, to accommodate different sizes and types of appliance.

Large – perfect for sports mouthguards and functional appliances. These 40mm high boxes have ventilation holes and come with an optional cord lanyard so they can be worn around the neck if required.

Slimline – these colourful, pocket-sized boxes are ideal for smaller appliances. 25mm high, with softly rounded edges.


Bags of 10, slimline or large, single or assorted colours:

Cord lanyards – £1.58 for a packet of 10

Available colours:


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