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Subject: 3D Print Veneers I 8 CPD Course Liverpool

Are you ready to take your dental practice to the next level? Dental 3D printing with SprintRay is revolutionizing the way we deliver exceptional care to our patients. 3D printing not only makes your practice more profitable but advances patient experience significantly.

This is especially true when it comes to veneers. With cutting-edge technology, producing try-ins and enhancing acceptance rates for treatments has never been easier.

Join us for Avant Garde’s latest course in Liverpool, where you’ll discover how 3D printing can help you bring your practice to the next level. Learn the ins and outs of prepping, designing, and fitting same-day veneers using advanced chairside 3D printing techniques. Explore the power of live veneers guided insertion tray methods and achieve remarkable results in record time.
Experience the convenience of remote lab communication and design services firsthand and witness the magic in action as you observe a live patient prep and design session.


Eurodontic will be on-site to assist you with any queries you may have before or during the course on dental 3D printing with SprintRay. If you’re eager to learn more beforehand, feel free to reach out to Leonora Ward directly at leonora@eurodontic.co.uk

Space is limited, so secure your spot today!


Most orthodontic patients will require long-term retention following completion of their treatment. The latest in our series of useful, instructional videos shows you how to use SCHEU DENTAL products to fabricate a retention splint, and demonstrates the following additional techniques:

All the products used in this video are available to order online, including a range of materials to choose from, and a number of accessories/finishing tools.


Break and abrasion-resistant compound material. Hard on one side and soft on the other. The hard side bonds to acrylic. Pre-dried and vacuum-sealed for instant use.


Pressure moulding material made of thermoplastic polyurethane for use with DURASOFT® pd. Forms a robust inner layer of hard/soft splints providing good resistance against discolouration.


Hard-elastic transparent material which bonds to acrylic. No pre-drying required. Ideal for occlusal splints and retainers.


Hard-elastic transparent material which bonds to acrylic. No pre-drying required. With integrated insulation foil.

Perfect for occlusal splints and retainers.


A new formulation which is extremely resistant to breaks and abrasions. Pre-dried and vacuum-packed for instant use. Perfect for retention splints and other applications. Currently available to order via email and phone.


Ensures optimum insulation for plaster against acrylic. Best suited as a spacer foil when pressurising hard-elastic material for splints.


Transparent silicone, used for blocking out undercuts in pressure moulding splints. Also available in red. Currently available to order via email and phone.


Robust and durable scissors for cutting splints or inserting cuts into splints after pressurising. Available in large or small.


Fine, triangular bur for interdental finishing.


Stable and flexible trimming wheel with extended working time. 3 types of grains with mandrels.

DURASPLINT® LC is a highly transparent light-curing resin, which is ideal for creating occlusal splints, dissuaders, and implants guides. 

Not tried it yet? Get the lowdown with our user review and see what our technical team are saying about it.


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