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Ultra-Clear Surgical Scans Made Simple

Dental implants are an effective solution for patients with compromised dentition. But identifying the correct position for the implants can be problematic.

CT cone beam scan technology will show bone and anatomical features, but not the position of denture teeth relative to the bone and proposed implant sites.

SCHEU Dental have introduced a new product which overcomes this problem. Ideal for use with the SCHEU BIOSTAR® and MINISTAR®, BIOCRYL® Form X is a new, thermoplastic, radio-opaque material, which is fully visible on scans, with an uniform radio-opacity giving ultra-clear tooth shape.

By allowing tooth position to be communicated on CT scan images without painting anything on to the denture or into an overlay, BIOCRYL® Form X simplifies the stent fabrication process and removes the need for labour intensive processes and workarounds.

With BIOCRYL® Form X, an accurate surgical guide can be produced with ease, leading to optimal restorative outcomes for patients.

BIOCRYL® Form X is now available in the UK, exclusively from Eurodontic. Visit the shop to place your order.



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