3D Printing Masterclass – Dental Technology Show

With spring in the air we’re looking ahead to this year’s Dental Technology Show, which is taking place at Birmingham NEC on 17th May.

One of our highlights will be listening to 3D printing expert, Vanik Kaufmann- Jinoian, who’ll be speaking in the Digital and Innovation Theatre from 1.45pm – 2.30pm.

Afterwards, he’ll be joining us on the Eurodontic stand to answer any further questions. We’ll be showcasing one of the 3D printers he uses – the ASIGA Max.

More about the speaker

Vanik Kaufmann-Jinoian was born in 1958 in Calcutta, India. He grew up in Switzerland in a city close to Basel, where he went to school and qualified as a dental technician.

In the following years he optimised his skills in various dental laboratories in Switzerland, mainly in the fields of ceramics and implantology.

He worked for a period of time for VITA-Zahnfabrik in Bad Saeckingen, Germany as an international trainer. At that time he was the youngest international ceramic demonstrator in the world. He opened his own dental laboratory in 1990 in Liestal, Switzerland, which now has 15 employees and covers all fields of modern dentistry.

Learning by doing

Vanik had a fascination for 3D printing a long time before this technology became popular in the dental field. He was enthralled by the complexity of the technology and its potential to automate processes, optimise precision and ensure reproducibility.

Having identified a lack of suitable 3D printing systems, Vanik Kaufmann decided to build – or let’s say to put together –his own 3D printer. This phase can be best characterised as ’learning by doing’ and took up a great deal of time and money. The number of misprints far surpassed the number of acceptable results – and even these were of dubious quality.

Deep understanding

As soon as the first low-cost 3D printers appeared in the dental sector, he was eager to buy any promising device and developed his own, personal testing system. He started printing huge piles of printed objects, with the machines running virtually around the clock.

Vanik trialled resins and developed processes and applications that had never before been tried, tested or released. More than once, he came up with new perspectives and approaches for product developments.

Throughout the years, Vanik has developed a deep understanding of 3D printing technology and its potential applications. He lectures at major symposiums and is involved with the master technicians school in Switzerland.

In 3D printing technology, Vanik Kaufmann is undoubtedly a true specialist. We’re looking forward to hearing from him.

For more information on the Dental Technology Showcase, visit https://www.the-dts.co.uk/


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