Scheu-Dental Ministar & Biostar balancing ring seals

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If you are using the platform and have had your machine a while, you may notice air leaking around the chamber – it could be time to replace you seals!

Why does air leak out of my pressure moulding device?

Leaking of air usually does not affect the thermoforming result, because the compressor is constantly supplying air. Nevertheless, you should check the following:

  • When working on the model platform, ensure the model is placed flush with the surface of the model platform. If it’s not, trim the model or embed it into the pellets.
  • Sharp edges may have damaged or torn the material. If this is the case, remove the sharp edges on the model.
  • The material may have moved when being clamped. In this case, clamp a new blank and restart the thermoforming process.
  • The balancing ring may have got stuck. In this case, remove the balancing ring, clean, grease and reinsert it. See cleaning video on Eurodontic website. Ensure it is freely movable!
  • When embedding the model into the pellets, sharp model edges may cause perforation mainly of thin material.
  • Printed models with resin drainage holes on the side or edge of the base of model, will cause air leakage. Block or print a solid base model.
  • Hollow models cannot be used on pellets, as the pressure will push model further into the pellets.
  • If you have had your machine for a while, you may need new seals on your balancing ring, or a new grommet situated at the chamber lock. These can be purchased from Eurodontic.