OSAMU-Retainer® Kit

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The OSAMU-Retainer® has been developed by Dr. Osamu Yoshii, Tokyo, as treatment concept for the retention phase. After more than 2 years ofclinical tests the retainer is now already in succesful clinical application for many years. The retainer is fabricated individually for upper and lower jawof a combination of highest quality pressure moulding materials, a soft BIOPLAST® foil (1.5 mm) and a hard-elastic IMPRELON® S pd foil (0.75 mm).The horse-shoe-shaped foils cover only the dental arch as well as parts of the mucosa in the apical area.The tooth up to the alveolar area is covered by the soft BIOPLAST® foil while the occlusal surface is precisely held in the hard IMPRELON® S pd foil.These advantages in form and function of the OSAMU-Retainer® guarantee high retention results.Other advantages are outstanding esthetics by the absolute transparency as well as the easy and efficient fabrication.• The OSAMU-Retainer® guarantees maximum mechanical retention and eliminates the problem of relapse.• The OSAMU-Retainer® is worn only at night. Nevertheless, speech with the splint is not impaired.• It is easy for the patient to insert and remove the splint.• Easy, low cost and time saving fabrication procedures.• Slight movements and corrections of the theeth are possible – similar to the Positioner – if the OSAMU-Retainer® is fabricated ona Set-Up model.

The OSAMU-Retainer® Kit includes 10x IMPRELON® S pd (0.75 x 125 mm), 10x BIOPLAST® (1.5 x 125 mm) and 10 ml OSAMU-bond and Bioplast Insulating Agent for fabrication of 10 retainers. All components also available separately.


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