NEW Scheu-Dental UNIQ+ pd

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The ideal solution for every aligner treatment.
Scheu-Dental innovative thermoforming sheet sets new standards for greater efficiency and comfort during aligner treatment. With just one layer, the UNIQ achieves what many multilayer foils cannot achieve. With its single layer material, it permanently withstands forces
during the entire treatment. The result? A pleasant wearing comfort with gentle initial forces and constant restoring forces. With UNIQ, we have developed a foil that achieves maximum benefits in every aligner treatment with just one layer!

With just one layer, UNIQ offers outstanding material properties and also stands out from other aligner foils with its wide range of thicknesses. This makes it a versatile and attractive option for orthodontists and patients.

Long-term elasticity
With UNIQ, we achieve remarkably high elasticity while guaranteeing consistently good performance throughout the entire aligner treatment. This performance is achieved with just a single layer – a benchmark that many cannot even achieve with multiple layers.

Reduced initial forces and constant restoring forces not only ensure a gentle wearing sensation, but also smooth planning during the entire aligner treatment with UNIQ.

The single layer material of the UNIQ makes post-processing considerably easier compared to multilayer foils. Fewer breaks can also ensure a smooth clinical procedure.

Compared to multilayer foils, UNIQ requires significantly less energy during production, which not only protects the environment in the long term, but is also much more cost-efficient. The surplus material from production is also recyclable and can be reused.