IMPRIMO® 3d Model Separator


New SCHEU-DENTAL IMPRIMO® Model separator

Water-based, blue transparent gel for insulation when fabricating removable orthodontic appliances on 3D printed models. Optimal insulating effect using IMPRIMO® LC resins and STEADY-RESIN autopolymerisates. Apply a thin layer with appropriate brush and let it dry properly. Not suitable for 3D models generated by a filament printer!

Available as 100 ml pump bottle with brush or as 500 ml refill bottle. Download the STL file to print yourself a rack for both pump bottle and brush.

No hazardous material in terms of transport regulations.

(brush comes with the 100ml bottle and is not sold separately)


Once the position for the expansion screw has been marked, mill a recess for the screw spacer. Bend the wire elements. Block out undercuts using thermal wax. Apply the IMPRIMO® Model Separator from the pump bottle, distribute it evenly with the enclosed brush and allow to dry well.
The use of the LC-6 Light Oven is recommended to shorten the drying time. Fix the expansion screw(s) and wire elements as usual with adhesive wax on the dry and insulated resin model. Process resin following the instructions for the orthodontic technique. Once the resin has polymerised, carefully lift the orthodontic plate from the 3D model using a plaster knife. Rinse model and expansion plate under running water.

Remove wax residues using steam jet. Finish and polish the expansion plate conventionally

Light wavelength 350nm and 450nm


IMPRIMO® Model Separator – application video — Eurodontic



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