DURASPLINT® flex Milling Blank

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Thermo-active, flexible splint material with memory effect.

The new, high-tech resin DURASPLINT® flex belongs to SCHEU’s suite of ‘Smart Materials’.

Your milling machine uses digital data files to fabricate functional occlusal splints from the DURASPLINT® flex milling blanks.

Thanks to its thermo-active properties, the material becomes flexible and self-adjusting at mouth temperature, to achieve the perfect, comfortable fit for every patient.

At the same time, the memory effect of this material when at room temperature ensures the appliance retains its original shape over the long-term. Splints that are made using DURASPLINT® flex are not only thermally flexible but also tear-resistant and shatter-proof as well as durable and permanently transparent. The material is non-irritating and conforms to high medical standards.

The use of DURASPLINT® flex milling blanks in CAD/CAM technology offers greater speed and accuracy.