3Disc Heron™ IOS

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3Disc Heron™ IOS Bringing beauty and simplicity to your workday. The Heron™  IOS is a digital 3D imaging solution design to bring simplicity to your work as a medical professional. For an all-inclusive price, the Heron™ IOS is presented as a turn-key solution that takes under10 minutes to unbox and setup. The solution includes a pre-calibrated scanner, 3 autoclavable tips, and an optimized acquisition PC with Heron Clinic™ software pre-installed to ensure you spend less time on installation and more time scanning. The Heron Clinic™ software features an intuitive, user-friendly interface to make it easier than ever to meet all your restorative, orthodontic, and implant needs.
Heron™ IOS Hardware ComponentsThe Heron™ IOS system is composed of the following hardware components:

  • Heron™ IOS Scanner
  • Heron™ IOS Base
  • Removable Tips (Autoclavable)
  • USB 3.0 Cable
  • AC/DC Power Adapter

Hardware Components & Part Numbers

Hardware ComponentPart Number
Heron™ IOS (Includes 3 Tips)IOS-FP-71-001
USB 3.0 CableIOS-CP-00-043
AC/DC Power AdapterIOS-CP-00-088

Save the Box! | It is highly recommended that you store the packaging in a safe place and do not dispose of it. The original packaging box is optimal for any necessary transportation or shipment of the Heron™ IOS.

Note Packaging details and contents may vary from those described.

Scanner Specifications

Scanner TypeHand-held (chairside) scanner that creates optical impressions for dental restorations.
DesignCompact, lightweight, ergonomic – designed to be operated with little physical effort.
Dimensions BaseSize: L 306mm, W 98mm, H 72mm
Dimensions ScannerWeight: 150 grams
Size: L 256mm, W 43mm, H 43mm
Cable length (scanner to base): 2m
Power RequirementDC 5.0V / 4A (Power supply included)
Scanner TipSterilize before each use using a steam autoclave. Reusable up to 250 times.
Heating ElementVentilated. Prevents formation of fog on optics
Acquisition Method/Imaging technologyHybrid technology: active stereo imaging and structured light
Sensor technologyCMOS
Color Scanning24-bit (8-bit per channel)
Scanning frequency25-30 FPS
Imaging field-of-view12mm x 14mm
Light sourcesHigh-power LEDs


Minimum Hardware Requirements

CPU TypeIntel 10, 11 and 12 generation. Intel i7 or i9 – 4 Cores give best performance.
CPU Clock2.8 GHz clock or greater.
“Turbo” and “boost” speeds cannot be considered.
Memory16 GB of RAM or greater (DDR4 or better)
Graphics Card Memory6GB of RAM minimum on the graphics card are required.
Below this, the software will not launch: an error message will inform you that the minimum requirement is not reached.

(Graphics Processing Unit)

List of GPU recommended by 3DISC

· Quadro RTX3000, RTX4000 and above for laptop and desktop

· RTX2070 for laptop and desktop

· RTX2080 for laptop and desktop

· RTX2080TI for desktop

· RTX3070 for laptop and desktop

· RTX3080 for laptop and desktop

· RTX3090 for desktop

Minimum Software Requirements

Operating SystemWindows 10 (Excluding Windows 10 S, now defunct) Administrative rights required
Disk Space100 GB or greater of free disk space
PortsAt least 1 x USB 3.0 port (SuperSpeed)
Nvidia DriverNvidia Studio driver version 471.68 or higher is currently required. IMPORTANT: Always contact support before updating your Nvidia driver.
Nvidia gamer-ready driver should not be used with the HeronClinic software.
NVIDIA GPU Operation ModeThe PC must be able to ensure that the Nvidia GPU is the only GPU activated on the PC and that any Intel integrated GPU is disabled. (This is usually achieved using high level configuration tools or BIOS commands).
Warning : Certain models of computer of the following brands – Acer, MSI, HP,… – provide no option to only have the Nvidia GPU active. This may affect performances: e.g. low FPS or freeze during scan.
Screen resolutionFull HD (1920 x 1080) with DPI 100%
NOTE : The use of 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels) or Ultra-Wide (3440 x 1440 pixels) resolutions is also possible, however the impact on performance has not been quantified by 3DISC at this stage.

Software Configuration Recommendations

Windows automatic updates3DISC recommends deactivating all Windows automatic updates (except for security updates).
Nvidia driver automatic updatesNvidia driver automatic updates should be disabled.
Windows Battery SettingsOn laptops, the battery setting in Windows should be configured to high performance mode only, with no battery saving option.