BRUX CHECKER® acc. to Prof. Sato ***120mm rd


SCHEU-DENTAL BRUX CHECKER® is a foil of 0.1 mm initial thickness with a coloured coating on one side used for diagnosis, analysis and treatment planning. It has been developed by Prof. Sadao Sato at the Kanagawa Dental University in Japan and proven successful in clinical use since 2000.

The BRUX CHECKER® foil registers occlusal interferences like bruxism through abrasion on the foil surface. The foil is moulded over a hard plaster model and worn for at least one night by the patient. The evaluation of this parafunctional grinding pattern allows the clinician to draw conclusions on possible causes of the disorder and to choose the appropriate treatment.

NB: 120mm rd (too small for Ministar or Biostar which takes 125mm)



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